Medical Insurance

Mr Boyce Cam is an approved surgeon to see and treat patients insured with the following  companies:-

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Self Pay Fees

If you are not registered with a health insurance company, but wish to be assessed and undergo treatment the associated fees are outlined below: 

Outpatient Appointment

New consultations - £220
Follow up consultation - £165

Outpatient procedures

Steroid injection into the knee joint £85.50 Platelet Rich Plasma injection to tendon (Procedure code T7481) - £244 MRI scan of the knee - £420 MRI scan of the hip - £420

Surgical procedures of the knee

Knee Arthroscopy and menisectomy (Procedure code W8200) - £3582 Knee Arthroscopy with multiple procedures (Procedure code W8500) - £3662 Anterior Cruciate Ligament reconstruction ( Procedure code W7420) - £7287 Arthroscopy of the knee & patella stabilisation (Procedure code W7580/W8500) - £3939 Unicompartmental Knee Replacement (Procedure code W5200) - £13,115 Total Knee Replacement (Procedure code W4210) - £15,098

Medicolegal reports

For a quote on medicolegal reports please contact Mr. Boyce Cam

Surgical procedures of the hip

Examination, arthrogram and guided hip injection (W9240) - £1720 Total Hip Replacement (Procedure code W3712) - £14,164