Frequently Asked Questions

I have been listed for an operation, what happens next?

At your outpatient appointment you will be given a health questionnaire to complete. This helps determines what level of pre-op assessment you need. You will then be contacted by phone to arrange a convenient time for this appointment and given a date for surgery. An admission pack is sent out by post which further explains how to prepare for your operation.

Are there specific exercises I should be doing?

It is important to maintain as much function around your affected joint prior to surgery. This can include stretches as well as exercises to strengthen the muscles. Activities which put less stress through your joints, such as cycling and swimming, can be a great way to achieve this.

Are there activities I should avoid?

If there are sports which aggravate your symptoms, then these should be avoided. Typically twisting / turning type activities can make knee symptoms worse and where possible should be kept to a minimum.

When can I return to driving / sport?

There is no specific timescale when you can return to driving, but instead it is determined more by your ability to be safely in control of your vehicle as well as your ability to make an emergency stop. As a rough guide this is usually about 2 weeks following keyhole knee surgery and about 4-6 weeks from hip and knee replacement procedures. If in doubt check with your insurance company and clinician.

What are the implants used for my operation?

Mr Boyce Cam uses established implants for your surgery. Click below to see the implants used. For joint replacement surgery further information can be found at these webpages:

  • ACL Reconstruction

    • Milagro screw (DePuy Synthes) used to hold the graft in the tibia.

    • Endobutton (Smith & Nephew) used to suspend the graft in your femur

  • Uni Knee Replacement

    • Oxford partial knee replacement system (Zimmer Biomet)

  • Total Knee Replacement

    • Triathlon total knee replacement system (Stryker UK)

  • Total Hip Replacement Surgery

    • Exeter hip replacement system (Stryker UK)

When can I travel / fly?

Flying where possible should be avoided for six weeks following major surgery.